Bowie's Beckenham Oddity

Bowie's Beckenham Oddity was held in August 2016 at the very Bandstand where David Bowie wrote his hit single 'Life On Mars' back in the mists. It was a privilege to be asked to provide sound for this one day festival featuring many talented musicians from Linda Ronson to Jonah Louie to Philip Rambow to Raf and O to an amazing Bowie tribute from 'David Live' aka the charismatic Charlie Fowler.

Organiser Wendy Woo and her team had a tight budget, but wanted everything to sound perfect - and FOH were happy to oblige.

At 6.45am on a gorgeous Saturday morning we turned up at the Bandstand, unloaded and got to work. Power was laid in for the equipment and backline. Our 3-way 18Kw system was rigged, with amp rack hiding behind an ornamental railing, 32 channel desk and outboard out front, and the stacks tethered down. As well as 4 individual monitor mixes and DI's for an assortment of instruments and computers, we provided a guitar combo, bass combo and drum kit, and 4 x motorola walkie talkies for the key staff. Stage management for the day was down to our pet 'Sneaky Beaver' Paul Jenkins. Even the van got used to move Heras fencing around during the set up! It was a magical day with one of the best atmospheres you could wish for, and we closed the van up - exhausted but happy - at 10pm. Do it again? Oh yeah!!




At 1.30pm on Saturday 4th February 2017 we were just chilling, when Annie the vocalist from Frog On A Rocket asked for our help with sound for a private 60's themed party they were due to perform at that night. At 4pm we rolled into the venue with our DB Technologies 4K rig, 32 channel desk, and a few flightcases of assorted gear. We provided all the front of house sound, 3 in-ear monitor mixes, a 4th mix for keys and bass, 5 vocal mics, 2 guitars and bass, keys, an acoustic guitar feed, drum mics, ipod music for the breaks and even dinner announcements! We recorded the gig on our stereo digital rack recorder - and even threw in some plug 'n play lighting. The band were great, the party rocked - and everyone went home happy. By 1.30am we were back at base and heading for the coffee pot!